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COTS is a brand that mainly focuses on the commute demands of urban nomads, currently specializing in backpacks.

In style, COTS is inspired by city life, designed with geometric lines, simple cuts, and balanced silhouettes to keep the backpack stay clean & simple as delicate as architecture. In function, COTS backpacks remain fundamental mobility and protection to meet the daily need, also make of high-quality outdoors capable fabric to build for your anytime adventure.

“Simplicity can deliver better utility”

We are always overwhelmed by too many styles and functions around the market, which leads to increased anxiety and an overall sense of dissatisfaction. With the difficulty of making a wise choice, we may end up buying things that are not actually what we want originally and ignoring what we really need.

In fact, we don’t need dazzling patterns or a myriad of functionality, but the timeless minimal style and practical function that suit our needs. And with the belief of “simplicity delivers better utility”, COTS is created.

For everyday

To do more with less, COTS backpack designed with classical minimal style and patented Filmpor™ fabric, staying away from dirt and water, which is easy to pair with your daily apparel and go out in any weather without any concern.

For anywhere

With enough capacity and interior organization compartment, whether you are commuting to office or taking a relaxing short trip to the seaside, all occasion are available with COTS backpacks. One utility backpack is all you need. Reducing waste and embracing an environment-friendly lifestyle is advocated.

“It is more than just a backpack”

Our goal is to make your life easier, allowing you to live in the moment and pay more attention to your precious moments, spend more time in your relationships, passions, and personal growth, instead of making decisions in many choices or cleaning the tough stains on the bag. Also, COTS provides a better commute experience for you routine time. What’s more, we love to hear your voice. Customer feedback enables us to fulfill our brand mission and build products that enhance our customers' commute experiences.